Hacking, Bug Bounties & Penetration Testing

A collection of guides and techniques related to hacking created by @jdksec

Currently rewriting this whole Git Book as of August 2020

I have deleted a load of the old content from this site (its all on the Wayback machine) as I have not updated it in a long time so I have decided to rewrite all of it based on what I have learned since I started this site in 2018.

Upcoming random post ideas:

  • My favorite hacking machine out of Windows, Mac & Linux and how to set it up regardless of the OS so they are all the same.

  • How to keep notes when learning hacking

  • Create a custom terminal with zsh & oh-my-zsh on all your machines

  • Create a custom tmux profile

  • Create a machine install with all your tools

    • Create an update script to keep all your stuff up to date

  • Sync your bug bounty data across multiple machines for mass scanning

  • Build a bot hacking framework behind VPNs

  • 3 line install to create bug bounty bots

  • Host your bug bounty recon data online any time you need it

  • Use git with bug bounties

  • Create your own zprofile for efficent bug hunting

  • Store and query your bug bounty notes

  • Sync your recon, scans and data with notifications on slack

  • Make a methodology for hacking

  • Root android studio emulator & install a root burp certificate to intercept traffic

  • Root iphone and install burp certificate

  • Host your own hacker meetup

  • Use Notion for bug hunting