Haircut -

Target Enumeration:

OS: Linux


Vulnerability Exploited:

Poorly configured php file located at exposed.php allows user to output files to uploads directory and call them via the web browser to gain a low privilege shell.

Privilege Escalation Vulnerability:

GNU Screen 4.5.0 - Local Privilege Escalation

Replicating the exploit:

Nmap results

UDP results

Nikto results

Homepage of web application

Test.html found by nikto:


Searchsploit found nothing

Dirbuster found exposed.php

Looks like it uses curl to get the files so command injection may be possible to get a reverse shell.

Command injection did not work so tried to output my rev shell to a file in /uploads as dirbuster found.

Requesting the file gave me a low priv user as www-data.

User.txt : 0b0da2af50e9ab7c81a6ec2c562afeae

Now we need a stable shell

Navigate to /dev/shm

python3 -c 'import pty;pty.spawn("/bin/bash")’


stty raw -echo


Run privchecker scripts found nothing

Suid search gives version of screen

Searchsploit results:

Review of the exploit

Best to compile manually and locally so create rootshell.c


Create libhax.c


Upload to /tmp on haircut.

Navigate to /etc

Run the following commands to get root

NC listener on 444 should give you a root shell.

root.txt 4cfa26d84b2220826a07f0697dc72151

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