Sunday -

Target Enumeration:

OS: Solaris


User: a3d9498027ca5187ba1793943ee8a598

Root: fb40fab61d99d37536daeec0d97af9b8

Ports / Services / Software Versions Running

79/tcp open finger

111/tcp open rpcbind

22022/tcp open ssh

33556/tcp open

49596/tcp open

Vulnerability Exploited:

User enumeration with Finger

SSH bruteforce gives the password sunday for the user

Crack shadow file to login as other user sammy

Privilege Escalation:

User sammy is allowed to use wget as root

Overwrite the sudoers file to get root

Exploiting the host:


Finger the host to get a user who is logged in:

Bruteforce the account with a small wordlist

Login to the account and start enumerating the system.

There is a folder called backup in the root dir with a copy of the shadow files:

Unshadow the file to get the hashes

Now crack with john and rockyou.

Login as the user sammy with the password cooldude!

Find your user.txt

Cat the file to get the flag.

Sudo -l gives you

We can overwrite files with wget so to exploit create a file locally and host it with python called sudoers with the contents


Once downloaded you have overwritten the sudoers file so all that remains is to sudo su to get root.

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